PAS-520: Clinical Assessment and Technical Skills I

Credits 3.0
Academic Level

This course introduces the student to patient history taking, communication skills, and a variety of clinical and procedural skills.  Students will begin using medical diagnostic equipment as they develop the skills needed to perform complete and focused physical examinations.  This course is taught in lecture, small group and laboratory formats.  Students will examine assigned lab partners and simulated patients to gain the skills and knowledge to perform a thorough history and physical examination. Students will have an opportunity to practice procedural skills during laboratory. 

Students will build on their clinical assessment and documentation skills through participation in small group case studies and Objective Structured Clinical Encounters (OSCE) using human patient simulators. In addition, students will complete the Basic Life Support (BLS) and learn airway management skills.

Prerequisite(s): Matriculation into the LMU-Harrogate PA Program