Program Service Opportunities

Dr. George Stanley Thompson PA Student Society

The Dr. George Stanley Thompson PA Student Society is the Student Government Association (SGA) and the official voice for LMU-Harrogate PA Students. The SGA is open to all LMU-Harrogate PA Students and welcomes proposals and participation from the entire PA Student body. SGA is responsible for promoting the PA profession; acting as a liaison between the PA Student body and the LMU-Harrogate PA Program faculty and staff; working to improve the quality of life for all students; supporting student activities; and dispersing funds for student activities, charitable giving, scholarships, and other areas as appropriate. Student activity fees that are collected are to be used in accordance with University policy. Any funds remaining in the SGA account of a class one year after graduation will be turned over to the next class to be managed by the SGA in accordance with University policy. Elections for the SGA are held each summer shortly after the new class matriculates into the Program. Students may not hold more than one elected position at the same time. The current SGA officers elect the faculty advisor for the SGA for the incoming class. Students serving as SGA officers must be in good standing in the Program. Any SGA officer placed on academic and/or professional probation by the SPC will be required to resign. 

Student Ambassadors 

Volunteer Student Ambassadors help to represent the LMU-Harrogate PA Program. Their primary role is to assist with student recruitment efforts by providing prospective students with campus tours and relating their experiences as an LMU-Harrogate PA student during student interview days, open house events, or other times as requested by the Admissions Team. Students will be sent an application to be a Student Ambassador after completion of the first examination in the Didactic Phase of the Program.