Affiliation Agreements

Affiliation Agreements are legal documents that address issues such as HIPPA, FERPA, liability and malpractice and formalize the relationship between the Program, the University, and the clinical rotation site/preceptor. Additionally, these agreements help to ensure the LMU-Harrogate PA Students will receive a quality clinical education experience. These agreements must be established and approved by the Program and University and the clinical rotation site/preceptor before student placement at a clinical rotation site can occur.

Students may only participate at the clinical site they are assigned to at the designated time. All clinical training sites are sent an Affiliation Agreement that formalizes the relationship between the school and the preceptor/site. It is unacceptable for a student to go to a clinical setting(s) in which they are not assigned and in which there is no affiliation agreement in place. Students are not allowed to negotiate an affiliation agreement with a clinical rotation site. Students may not contact an established clinical rotation site prior to their assignment to that clinical rotation site or unless directed to do so by the Clinical Team. Students are not permitted to attend a clinical rotation site that does not have a signed affiliation Agreement with the University. Any student who is in violation of the Affiliation Agreement guidelines will lose professionalism points, have a professionalism violation documented, and will be referred to the Student Progress Committee (SPC) with the possibility of immediate dismissal from the Program.