Clinical Rotation Sites and Preceptors: Development and Evaluation

Clinical rotation sites are evaluated by the Program a minimum of every two (2) years by telephone/video conferencing and every four (4) years in person. This provides an opportunity for feedback from the clinical preceptors regarding the clinical rotation experience and individual and aggregate student performance and assessment of the appropriateness and safety of each clinical site. Clinical rotation site visits may occur while an LMU-Harrogate PA Student is completing a clinical rotation at the clinical rotation site. Additionally, representatives of the Program may conduct formal evaluations of the student’s progress in developing a comprehensive base of medical knowledge and procedural, clinical-decision-making, and interpersonal skills. Formal evaluations by Program representatives will be scheduled with the clinical rotation site/preceptor. Students will be notified via email or telephone if a formal evaluation is needed. Students should respond to communication from the Program within 48 hours of notification so that the clinical site visit arrangements can be confirmed.