End of Semester (EOS) Activities

At the end of each semester of the Clinical Phase, students will be required to report to designated location(s) for End-of-Semester (EOS) activities. These activities will consist of, and may not be limited to, End-of Rotation (EOR) written examinations, Objective Structured Clinical Encounters (OSCEs), Case Presentations, PANCE review, lectures on topics relevant to PA practice, and other administrative activities. Attendance is mandatory at all EOS sessions. Students who wish to utilize granted testing accommodations may need to return to the Harrogate campus for EOS days during the clinical year to ensure all testing accommodations are properly met as they may not be available at remote locations. Requesting to be excused from an EOS session at LMU-Harrogate for financial reasons due to travel from an out of state rotation is not acceptable. Personal days cannot be used on or just prior to EOS days. Any student with an unexcused absence during an EOS session will receive a grade of “F” for each EOR assessment (written examination or case presentations/self -reflective paper) scheduled on the day the student was absent. The student will be referred to the Student Progression Council for the resultant failed rotation. Make-up examinations for excused absences are scheduled at the discretion of the clinical team and must be completed within five business days.