Establishment of Clinical Sites/Clinical Preceptors for Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) Policy

Students are not required to provide or solicit Clinical Sites or Clinical Preceptors (Clinical Affiliates). The Program employs sufficient faculty and staff to coordinate Clinical Sites and Clinical Preceptors for the Program’s required SCPEs. However, students may provide the Clinical Team with contact information for Clinical Sites or Clinical Preceptors with whom the student has an established professional relationship (e.g. employed at the Clinical Site prior to matriculation) or in cases where the Clinical Preceptor has indicated they would like to precept the student. Students who know of a health care provider who would like to be a clinical preceptor, should provide the SCPE Manager with the health care provider’s name, business address, and telephone/FAX number(s). The Program will contact the prospective clinical preceptor to determine if the clinical rotation site/preceptor is able to meet LMU-Harrogate PA Program requirements to participate as a clinical rotation site/preceptor. A student should not recommend a prospective preceptor if he/she is not willing to precept other LMU-Harrogate PA Students in the future.