SCPE Assignments Policy

The Clinical Team is responsible for coordinating student assignments to Clinical Affiliates for SCPEs. SCPE assignments are developed after a thorough review of Clinical Preceptor availability, completion of credentialing paperwork for the Clinical Site and Clinical Preceptor(s), review of prior evaluations of the Clinical Site and Clinical Preceptor(s) if available, the suitability of the Clinical Affiliate to provide students with educational experiences to achieve Program Learning Outcomes and Graduate Competencies, student academic and professional conduct history in the Didactic Phase, and student preferences.

SCPE assignments are maintained in the Program’s online program management system. The Program makes every effort to provide students with all SCPE assignments no less than eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the Clinical Phase. The Program gives consideration to both the student and the clinical site preceptor(s) when planning and scheduling clinical rotations for the purpose of providing students with an excellent learning experience. Once clinical rotation sites are contacted, no changes will be made to the schedule unless specific circumstances arise that would necessitate a change. If a change to a clinical rotation assignment is necessary, the clinical team will make all efforts to notify the student as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for the student to make any necessary living/transportation arrangements in a timely manner. Students are not permitted to attend a clinical rotation site where they have not been assigned by the Program and/or where appropriate legal agreements are not in place.

The Program provides students with contact information for the Clinical Affiliate and Primary Clinical Preceptor for each assigned SCPE. Students must contact the Primary Clinical Preceptor (or other designated associate of the Clinical Affiliate) via phone, or the Primary Clinical Preceptor’s preferred method of communication, no less than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the SCPE to determine what date/time, where, and to whom the student should report on the first day of the SCPE.