Student Mentoring

Each incoming LMU-Harrogate PA Student is assigned a faculty mentor for the didactic and clinical phases of training. These mentors are the key support and primary contact during the LMU-Harrogate PA Program. Faculty mentors will:

  • Assist students’ understanding of policies and practices of the LMU-Harrogate PA Program
  • Respond to questions or concerns about course requirements and expectations, performance criteria, academic standing, and professionalism
  • Provide feedback to students on their progress in course requirements, faculty expectations, graduate competencies, and program goals
  • Provide support for students’ personal and professional growth (can include referral to appropriate professionals should difficult situations arise)
  • Discuss academic performance in an effort to optimize students’ learning experiences
  • Assist students with plans to address issues of academic difficulties on an as needed basis
  • Mentor students’ progress for Capstone portfolio and similar projects

Students are expected to meet with their assigned faculty mentors at least once every semester. Students should also meet with their assigned faculty mentor, course director, and/or the Director of Didactic Education following any examination or assignment failure for feedback on performance and preparation for future assessments. Each session should be scheduled directly with the faculty mentor.

LMU-Harrogate PA faculty members generally maintain an “open door” policy for student access. In order to be most efficient and meet the needs of all students in the LMU-Harrogate PA Program, time spent with faculty should be for mentoring, academic counseling, academic questions, or other questions related to policies and procedures of the LMU Harrogate PA Program. Please consult the faculty member you wish to speak with to make an appointment if the meeting will require an extended period of time to assure that the faculty member is not missing required administrative commitments.

Additionally, each incoming LMU-Harrogate PA Student is assigned a student mentor from the class that matriculated the year prior. These student mentors help students navigate through the program from the perspective of an LMU-Harrogate PA Student. There will be no tolerance for sharing, dissemination or otherwise transferring academic information that could assist in either student mentor or student mentee in passing any assessment or testing product. These infractions of the student professionalism policy will result in referral to SPC and consideration for dismissal from the program.