Academic and Professionalism Curriculum and Professionalism Mentoring

The LMU-Harrogate PA Program regards academic success and professionalism of all students as essential parts of becoming a competent, practicing Physician Assistant. We, as the faculty and staff, strive to model this professionalism in our actions and communications. In order to guide students toward professional excellence we have created a professional curriculum that will be taught throughout the first educational year.

Professionalism training will include eight hours of training taught during the didactic year, with two hours included in each semester. This training time will be considered as a competency requirement and will be housed in the Clinical Assessment and Technical Skills I-IV courses. All the professionalism training sessions are mandatory. Students will not be given excused time off during times when there is a professionalism session scheduled. A student can lose up to five percent of the final grade from these courses for professionalism infractions.

The faculty mentor is available to provide mentorship and corrective action for students with professionalism concerns or infractions. Formal meetings with the mentor will occur after a complaint has been submitted and an initial investigation has determined that action is necessary. Students who are required to meet with the mentor will be able to discuss the incident and come up with a joint plan of action (i.e. assignment, further meetings, reflection paper, etc.) to address the behavior. Such meetings will be documented in the student’s professionalism profile. If a student earns three infractions in one semester or five infractions over the duration of the didactic phase, the student will be referred to the Student Progress Committee (SPC) for further action.